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Maxwell Finn has run ads for some of the biggest brands and public figures in the world like 3M, Sam’s Club, Onnit, Snow Teeth Whitening, ClickFunnels, Posh Peanut, Kevin Harrington and Pat Flynn. These ads have generated clients over $250,000,0000 in traceable revenue. Max is regularly invited to speak at the biggest events and masterminds in the world, including Traffic & Conversion, Affiliate World, Affiliate Summit and War Room. He’s directly taught 10,000+ marketers how to run more profitable ads and has created educational programs for industry leaders like DigitalMarketer, ClickBank, and Kajabi.

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Will this work for my industry?

Yes! TT Ads Accelerator will teach you the fundamentals of TT advertising, which are universally applicable to every industry under the sun. By learning how to create high-converting ads, target the right audience, and strategically optimize your ad campaigns, you can plug-and-play these strategies to fit the needs of your specific industry. From Ice Cream Shops to Self Defense Instructors we've seen our program transform business in nearly every niche imaginable.

What if I'm new to TT?

TT Ads Accelerator is designed to help you get started and succeed with TT advertising. Our program will guide you through setting up your first campaign on day 1 to massively scaling your ads quickly and profitably. We deliberately cover a wide range of topics to ensure you understand how to create high-converting ads, target the right audience, and optimize your ad performance.

No matter your level of experience, TT Ads Accelerator aims to provide super valuable, comprehensive insights and strategies to help you make the most of your TT ad campaigns and grow your business.

Will this work for my agency?

Yes, TT Ads Accelerator will show you the exact steps you need to take to add TT Ads as a service for your agency.

Will this teach me how to create and edit TT style videos?

Absolutely! You can’t have a great TT Ad without great content! TT Ads Accelerator will show you exactly how to script, shoot and edit native-feeling, TT-style ads (even if you don't have a creative team or prior video editing experience) - Ensuring that your ads are effective, engaging, and built for TT's complex algorithm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll teach you exactly how to

  • Rapidly scale winning ads without the CPA skyrocketing.
  • Troubleshoot common issues like new ads not spending.
  • Create custom audiences and set up your first retargeting campaign.
  • Set the optimal daily budgets out of the gate based on your KPIs.
  • Find the most viral videos that your target customer already loves (and use them to make insanely high converting ads).
  • Know which trends, sounds, and effects to use in your creative right now for maximum performance.
  • Track all of your creative and competitor research using our custom-built Google Sheet template.
  • Determine how long to run an ad or ad group before killing it.
  • Navigate the frequent ad rejections killing your momentum.
  • Know which trends, sounds, and effects to use in your creative right now for maximum performance.
  • Create insightful reporting dashboards using our custom-built Data Studios template.
  • Create ads that feel incredibly native even if you have no creative team or video editing experience.
  • Stay on top of the newest algorithm and ad platform developments so you are always ahead of the competition.
  • Make TT ads the biggest, most profitable ad channel for your business so your future is no longer in the hands of Facebook.
  • Add TT ads as a new service for your agency to dramatically increase your revenue almost overnight.

We will personally install your pixel, setup your ad account, and create 12 videos for ads to ensure you're profitable, or your money back. 

How much ad creative do you make for me?

Our program makes sure you get off to a running start by creating 12 videos to get you jumpstarted. This consists of 4 full videos X 3 Video Intro Hooks for each.

So you'll help with pixel installation?

Correct! If you prefer, our team will help you install your pixel during our onboarding process.

What do you mean by ad account setup?

During onboarding, we'll templatize your ad account using the same system we use for some of the top performers on TikTok. From there, simply plug in your ad creative, and launch!


We’ve helped over 10,000 business owners and marketers help grow their businesses with paid traffic online. Here are just a few of the people we’ve helped.

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Inventor of the Infomercial 


Head of Growth at Onnit


President of Digital Marketer


CEO of FinMC


Founder of Launchwise


Founder of Smart Marketer


Founder of SM Commerce


Founder of Digital Marketer


Co-founder of Adleaks

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Agency Owner


Founder of iStack Training











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